Adventure Race

The RSYM Adventure Race began as nothing more than a glorified scavenger hunt back in late August of 2003. It was originally designed to be something fun and entertaining to do during a youth group campout at the Versailles State Park. It quickly captivated the imagination of our teenagers, however; and has become the most anticipated youth event of the summer.

The Adventure Race continues to grow and get better every year especially with the success and popularity of reality TV shows like The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Fear Factor. We have taken a lot of inspiration from these shows to come up with new and exciting challenges for this year's race.

We have found that the RSYM Adventure Race is not only an exciting and physically challenging activity for teenagers but it's proven to be a fantastic avenue for building relationships and teamwork among the students and adults in our youth ministry. It's also been a fun and practical way to identify and develop leadership and decision-making skills.

Race Overview:
The objective for the race is fairly simple. Each team will be given a map and a series of clues that will lead them to different checkpoints located throughout the Versailles State Park. At each of these checkpoints, teams will be asked to complete a challenge. Upon the successful completion of these challenges, teams will be rewarded with clues to a secret location in the park. Once teams complete all challenges they will have to decipher the clues, find the secret location, obtain a token, and be the first team to return that token to the finish line.

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